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The Mainsail is your yacht's driving sail. For cruisers or other type of watercraft, the mainsail is an important sail, being one of the hardest working of the complete inventory.

You will find features in a LEE SAIL that are specifically included to extend its life: reinforced batten pockets; fiberglass battens; tack and clew with leather chafe guards; stainless steel heavy duty cringles and reinforcement at all stress points including the reefs; leather encased headboard and triple sewn seams with 6-point zigzag stitching when required. Leech line, sail numbers, class insignia and tell-tales are our standard.

We use Dacron; Polyester; Aramid, Pentex, Carbon, Kevlar, Twaron, Vectran and Spectra laminates as well as other advanced materials.

Based on your yacht design and sailing purpose, we may offer you the conventional cross cut, the more modern radial cut or the nostalgic leech cut (vertical cut).

Different batten versions are available: sails with short battens, 1+3 (top batten in full plus 3 lower short ones), 2+2 (two top battens in full plus 2 lower short ones), fully battened and of course the battenless.

We have ample experience in furling mainsails also. In-mast furling, after-the-mast and boom furling ones.

Click here to see the Rutgerson full batten hardware descriptions.

Click here to see the guide to batten pocket closed by velcro strap.



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